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• 2,000 search credits a month, instead of 1,000 like the regular Basic plan
• Everything included in the Basic Plan
• Unused credits roll over
• Early access to the beta launch
• 10,000 employee info exports a month
• 20 early bird deals available at $199
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$199 for your first year

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Plans for when we launch at the end of 2023


• Look up info on 30,000+ SaaS companies
• Unlimited company searches
• Company data includes* company name, LinkedIn address and social media, funding info, location information, company type, verticals, specialities, industries, niches, employee count, and more
• Employee data includes name, title, AI-categorized department and job role, location, LinkedIn profile and recently verified company email address

• Export data for 1,000 employees a month (with full company info)

$99 /month

$799 /year

* not all companies have the full data set. Data provided when available.


• Get everything included in the basic package
• Multiple logins/user profiles under one Pro account
• Shared searches
• 10,000 employee info exports a month

$499 /month

$4,999 /year


• API to gather employee data from any company in the database
• Searches based on company criteria
• Simple search for a certain job title's info at a certain company (IE search via API call for "CEO at Carrd")
• Subscription includes 1,000 search credits a month
• Additional search credits billed at $0.10 each

$99 /month

$799 /year

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No matter what you do, we have prospects you could use. saasyDB is used by...

Professional Services Firms


Marketing Agencies

Job Seekers


Lead Gen Agencies

Email Marketers



Tech Sales


What kind of data is included?

  • saasyDB is a contact database focused on SaaS tech companies, including employee information.
  • Who is this for?

    This data is primarily for marketers trying to reach out to employees at SaaS companies via email. Full employee information for tech companies can be hard to find, so we make it easier.

  • How are you different than other databases?

    We focus on SaaS companies, but more importantly our unique search algorithm finds way more employees at each company that the other big databases (up to ten times as many per company), and we re-research companies every month, so the data is fresh. No outdated contacts from three years ago in our datbase!

  • What data is included?

    For companies, we include name, headquarters, website, LinkedIn URL, other social media pages, funding information (when available), as well as industries, niches, specialities and more.

    And for every company, we research every employee possible, and include their name, location, job title (as well as an AI-categorized job role and job department to make filtering easier), LinkedIn profile, and a recently verified company email address.

  • What stages are these companies?

    We research SaaS companies at all stages, from seed to post-IPO. Whether you're looking for early stage startups or public SaaS companies, we have data for you.

  • Why do you include so many employees per company?

    Lots of people want just the CEO/founder of companies, but many marketers want to target other job titles, so we include everyone we can find, so that all of our customers can find their ideal prospects within the data.

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