saasyDB Affiliate Program

Want to help promote saasyDB?
Get recurring commissions for every signup you send our way

Do you have an audience that could benefit from our research? Want to make some money by sharing our service?

Get 30% of what you help sell, ongoing, for the life of the customer.

Bring in one customer who signs up? Get about $60 a month, ongoing, for the basic package.

Bring in 15 customers? Earn about $900 in affiliate commissions a month.

Bring in a customer who signs up for an annual plan? Earn up to $419 from just that for the basic package, or about $809 for the pre-filtered data package.

Know someone who could use the Done For You? Introduce me to them and I'll give you $500 for any referral that turns into a new client. Email Stuart for details on that.

Shoot an email to if you have any questions.

Applying is easy, so sign up today.