saasyDB - weekly prospect lists to keep your business pipelines full

Keep your outreach funnels full with verified employee profiles sent to you weekly

Information on about 250 companies per week, with their funding details, and employee profiles including name, location, title, LinkedIn profiles and validated email addresses

Wide range of employees

Our data includes dozens to hundreds of employees per company, depending on the company sizes, with people from the C-Suite to HR to engineers to marketing, any and all departments.

We include everyone we can find at the company, because some people only want to reach out to CEOs and founders, while other marketers may want to reach operations people or developers.

Various industries

For the Funded Company package, data includes a lot of SaaS and tech companies, but also hospitality, health care, consumer services, gaming, social media, pet, financial services, e-commerce, automotive and more.

The SaaS Company package focuses solely on B2B SaaS businesses.

Pre-Seed to late series

From early rounds to large late-stage institutional investor rounds, we include a variety of companies, from startups to established Fortune 500 companies.

Many included companies haven't taken any funding yet, so investors can use our data to reach out early.

Not scraped public data

We don't just scrape emails from company websites. Our algorithm determines company email addresses that aren't in other databases, so your prospects aren't already inundated with pitch emails.

These are not the same old contacts that you find in other databases. Reach out to people who aren't already getting tons of pitches a day.

Our secret sauce

What really sets us apart from other prospecting tools and date providers is our unique algorithm for finding unpublished company email addresses, which lets us provide ten times as many employee profiles per company compared to our competition.

Easy prospecting

Stop hiring assistants to do the research for you. Stop trying to find potential prospects yourself. We'll send you data every week that you can feed into your cold email system or use for yourself however you're doing outreach.

What do I get with saasyDB?

Lists of recently funded companies or SaaS companies with verified employee email addresses, sent to you weekly.

Around 250 companies a week with their info and fundraising specs, plus employee information at each company including title, location, name, LinkedIn profile and a verified email address. Up to 25,000 employee emails a month.

Choose whether you want information on just SaaS companies, or recently funded companies that cover a variety of industries

Finally reach the right person to pitch your services to.

Prospect data ready to feed into your system.

Every Monday, we'll send out CSV files of employee info at companies who got funding in the previous week or so along with details on their funding and other company facts.

On Mondays, we also send out data on about 250 SaaS companies (and funding info, if available) along with all the employee profiles we can find.

Upon sign up, you'll instantly get the most recent two batches' worth of data.


Choose the right data for your needs

We now offer two different weekly packages; recently funded companies or SaaS companies

SaaS Companies

Information on about 250 SaaS companies a week, and thousands of employee profiles for those companies

Funding information when available, company information, company social media profiles

Employee information, including job titles, locations, LinkedIn profiles, and validated company email addresses

Join today and you'll get upon signup:

  • Last two batches of SaaS company data upon signup
  • Next week's data as soon as it's ready

Recently Funded Companies

What do you get?

Information on about 250 to 300 recently funded companies a week (depending on market conditions), and thousands of employee profiles for those companies

Funding information for most recent round and total raised to date, company information, company social media profiles

Employee information, including job titles, locations, LinkedIn profiles, and validated company email addresses

Join today and you'll get upon signup:

  • Last two batches of funded company data upon signup
  • Next week's data as soon as it's ready

For both packages, we use our unique algorithm to find company email addresses for the employees

And the result? Way more employee profiles per company than other providers can give you. Whether you're targeting customer success managers, HR people, engineers, or any other job title, our more thorough system will find more people per company than other lead lookup services

Who can use this data?

Essentially anyone doing targeted outreach where precision matters, to sell higher ticket services.

Email Marketers

Anyone reaching out to people via email. Find the right prospect to make your pitch or get in touch.


VCs trying to get in touch with founders. Cut straight to the point and send the right person an email.

Job Seekers

Anyone looking for work at a growing company. Get in touch with the right person before they even post the job.

Professional Services Firms

Trying to sell consulting, marketing, branding, design or other high end services? Get a weekly list of people who can actually afford and use you.


Find the right person to pitch about linkbuilding, collaborations, or guest posting.

Tech Sales

Whether you're targeting devs, managers, or anyone else, find the ideal employee to offer your service to.

Why subscribe to saasyDB?

Other subscriptions to funded company info exist, but our algorithm allows us to find way more employee profiles than our competitors

More than just the CEO's email

For every researched company, we provide dozens or hundreds of employee info, with their names, titles, locations, LinkedIn profiles, and a verified email address, for people in all departments

Ready to use data

Whether you're networking on LinkedIn or doing cold email marketing, these lists will give you new prospects to start pursuing immediately

Stay on top of your outreach

Receive fresh prospects every single week, so it's easy to refill your queues


We do the research for you

Using our proprietary algorithms to find valid employee emails, we compile info on recently funded and SaaS companies and give you data ready to feed into your marketing campaigns

Save time and money

Cut down on your own time spent prospecting at companies, and reduce what you pay an employee or a virtual assistant to do the research.

Get prospects that other services can't provide

Reach out to people who aren't constantly getting pitched and be more likely to actually connect with someone

All data is delivered in a CSV so it can be used universally

And a Google Sheet too if that's easier for you to use


Choose the right package for you, or get both and save

SaaS Company Info

Get information on about 250 SaaS companies a week, and thousands of employee profiles for those companies

$99 /month

$799 /year

Funded Company Info

Get information on about 300 to 400 recently funded companies a week from all industries, and thousands of employee profiles for those companies

$99 /month

$799 /year

Both Packages

Doing a lot of outreach and want to keep your queues full? Get both sets of data every week and find your ideal prospect at a ton of companies

$159 /month

$1299 /year

Need sample data to see if it looks helpful?

Get free data every week

Want to see what our data is like? Get 100 sample contacts at recently funded companies and SaaS companies for free

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about our data or our service? If it's not answered here, shoot us an email or use the contact page to get in touch

  • What's the difference between this and similar leads list subscriptions?

    We spent a year developing an algorithm to discover unpublished company email addresses, and can find valid email addresses that aren't available in other email lookup services. We spend hours upon hours compiling companies to research, running them through our systems, cleaning and culling the data.
    But the biggest difference is the amount of email addresses and employee profiles per company. We simply are able to find way more.
  • Who do I get email addresses for?

    Other subscription list services will just give you a couple email addresses, like the founder and CEO, and maybe whatever is on the website like We provide employee info and a verified email address for everyone that we can find, from HR to sales to C-level.
  • What if I don't know how to do cold email marketing?

    We will guide you. Seriously. If you subscribe, for no charge, the founder of saasyDB, Stuart, will give you advice on how to get set up technically to start, whether you should go for a targeted outreach or a bulk outreach method, help with copy, advice on what cold email sending services to use, really anything you don't understand.
    Why go that far? Because we want you to be successful with our leads, so you have a good experience / tell your friends / stay subscribed. And we plan to write a lot of guides, so helping you inspires the content anyway. Win win.
  • What's the pricing?

    Anyone who signs up now can get in for just $99 a month, forever, and may be chosen to do beta testing in exchange for free access, as we build out the full database. Discounts if you sign up for more than one package, or sign up annually, of course.
  • Do you have a guarantee?

    Yes, if the data isn't helpful or what you expected, just get in touch and we can refund you, no problem.
    We guarantee that you'll get employee profiles for at least 1,000 companies a month, with at least 10,000 unique employee profiles, though it's often over 20,000 employee profiles a month total.
  • What about data accuracy?

    When we research the companies and employees, everything is verified before the data is packaged up. Company employees' email addresses are run through a validation system to double check them.
    However, since people do leave companies regularly, some employees' profiles may be outdated at some point after being packaged. We will recheck old data on a monthly basis to account for this and try to keep past research clean.
  • Where do you get your data?

    We collect company information from various databases and APIs that we pay significant amounts for, and employee information from a combination of private and public data. Employee email addresses are found with our proprietary algorithm, and that's really our secret sauce, and why we can provide so many employee profiles.
  • How is the data packaged?

    Each week's data is packaged into a large CSV file, with both the company and employee information to make it easier to parse and use.
Testimonials ...
"Holy crap. That's an amazing service. My brain is kind of exploding with a different ways, and potential, for that information. Jeez. Strong work."
Joshua, Partner at a PE / VC Firm
"Stuart's leads and advice on cold email strategy has been extremely helpful, and his willingness to share his expertise was above and beyond what I expected."
Ivan, Branding and Design Expert
"I used it to find the companies that recently raised Seed or Series A. Then I either emailed the CEO or if they already had a marketing leader that person. Got a great response from the companies I reached out to. I got to most before they even posted a job. I got a job from the list! Got 3 other interviews from it. Worked super well."
Andrew, Marketing Director
"SaasyDB has been a game-changer for my design agency. I no longer have to spend hours researching potential leads thanks to lists I receive every week. Instead, I have access to a large number of verified employee profiles of recently funded companies and SaaS businesses that I can contact directly. I highly recommend SaasyDB to anyone looking to streamline their lead generation process and focus on what they do best."
Arnaud, Agency Owner

Ready to get fresh prospects weekly?

Who is behind saasyDB?

Hi, I'm Stuart

After using prospect databases and lead gen apps for years for my own businesses, I realized there was a better way to do it, and started building my own.

My research tools are great for finding unpublished employee email addresses, so I decided to do the kind of research I'd want to use myself, but then offer it as a subscription service.

    So I'm building saasyDB to do a few things for you:
  1. 1) Send out info every week on recently funded and SaaS companies
  2. 2) Create a huge database of SaaS and tech company info and employee info
  3. 3) Keep the employee info up to date by reverifying everything monthly
  4. 4) Find more employee contacts than other services (my algorithm finds up to 13 times as many employee emails per company than for example, and everything gets validated)

Get in early if you like, and I'll treat you to a lifetime discount. The weekly subscriptions of company info are now live, and the database launches later in 2023.

Thanks so much,

(Seen here in this picture in a hot air balloon basket, because he used to fly balloons as a hobby)