Your new favorite source for SaaS company research

A searchable database of employee contacts at 30,000+ SaaS companies

saasyDB provides information on every employee possible, not just the CEO / founder's email address

Employee data includes name, location, job title, LinkedIn profile and recently verified company email address

Finally reach the right person to pitch your services to.

Prospect data ready to feed into your system.

Company data includes name, headquarters, website, LinkedIn company profile, social media links, funding rounds, focuses, industries, company size, employee count, and more

Filter and sort companies by any criteria. Build your own target lists. Export just the data you need to feed into your outreach systems.

AI-managed job departmentalization makes it easier to find and export lists of your ideal decision makers to reach out to

Every employee includes their job title, along with a standardized "job role" and a job department, to make it easy to filter out who your ideal contacts would be at each company


Why subscribe to saasyDB?

Other lead databases exist, but our algorithm allows us to find way more employee profiles than our competitors

More than just the CEO's email

For every researched company, we provide dozens or hundreds of employee info, with their names, titles, locations, LinkedIn profiles, and a verified email address, for people in all departments

Ready to use data

Whether you're networking on LinkedIn or doing cold email marketing, these lists will give you new prospects to start pursuing immediately

Stay on top of your outreach

Want a steady drip of potential targets? Receive fresh prospects based on your criteria every single day or week, so it's easy to pitch fresh targets continuously


We do the research for you

Using our proprietary algorithms to find valid employee emails, we compile info on tech and SaaS companies and give you data ready to feed into your marketing campaigns

Save time and money

Cut down on your own time spent prospecting at companies, and reduce what you pay an employee or a virtual assistant to do the research.

Get prospects that other services can't provide

Reach out to people who aren't constantly getting pitched and be more likely to actually connect with someone

Who can use this data?

Essentially anyone doing targeted outreach where precision matters, to sell higher ticket services.

Email Marketers

Anyone reaching out to people via email. Find the right prospect to make your pitch or get in touch.


VCs trying to get in touch with founders. Cut straight to the point and send the right person an email.

Job Seekers

Anyone looking for work at a growing company. Get in touch with the right person before they even post the job.

Professional Services Firms

Trying to sell consulting, marketing, branding, design or other high end services? Get a weekly list of people who can actually afford and use you.


Find the right person to pitch about linkbuilding, collaborations, or guest posting.

Tech Sales

Whether you're targeting devs, managers, or anyone else, find the ideal employee to offer your service to.

Dream features

Trying to speed up your outreach by helping you find your ideal prospects as fast as possible

No stale data, no dead companies

Other databases include employees that are long gone and companies that have already folded. We continuously re-research companies, so the data is always fresh, never outdated

Sort better and faster

Sort SaaS companies by niche, industry, location and keywords. Search employees by job title, as well as AI-assisted job role and department

Daily drip of targets

Want a daily email with 10 to 50 ideal prospect types, so you can make a habit of doing cold outreach consistently? Set your parameters and we'll send you your targets

Recently funded SaaS info

Are you going after SaaS companies who have just done a funding round? We have that info for you

Want to know who no longer works there?

In an industry where it's helpful to know who has left a company? We have that data for you too

See what companies are growing fastest

Since we re-research each company's employees on a monthly basis, it's easy for us (and you) to keep track on what companies are growing the fastest


Early Bird Pricing

Claim your spot before we launch and get lifetime access for $197

Pre-Launch Life Time Deal

• Pay $197 for lifetime access to the database of SaaS companies
• 1,000 credits a month
• Use a credit to unlock all the employees for a specific company
• Everything included in the Basic Plan
• Unused credits do not roll over with LTD
• Early access to the beta launch
• LTD available only in February 2024
• Access to an Airtable of raw company/employee data before MVP launch
• After February, early bird deals will be available at $297/year

Get data you can use right away

As an Early bird supporter, you will get access to the raw data that will go into the database, in the form of an Airtable, so that you have something to use right away.

Get info on recently funded SaaS companies weekly

Every week I research recently funded companies for my other service WhoWorksThere and will send early birds information on recently funded SaaS companies weekly

Prospects not found in other databases

Our unique research system finds prospects that aren't in other databases, so the prospects you'll get information on aren't the same people that are being hit up constantly by other marketers.

More prospects per company

Compared to and other databases, we have more roles per company, which lets you find your ideal targets at each company and be more likely to close them.

Launch Pricing

Plans for when we launch


• Look up info on 30,000+ SaaS companies
• Unlimited company searches
• Company data includes* company name, LinkedIn address and social media, funding info, location information, company type, verticals, specialities, industries, niches, employee count, and more
• Employee data includes name, title, AI-categorized department and job role, location, LinkedIn profile and recently verified company email address

• Export data for 1,000 employees a month (with full company info)

$97 /month

$797 /year

* not all companies have the full data set. Data provided when available.


• Get everything included in the basic package
• Multiple logins/user profiles under one Pro account
• Shared searches
• 10,000 credits a month

$497 /month

$3,997 /year


• API to gather employee data from any company in the database
• Searches based on company criteria
• Simple search for a certain job title's info at a certain company (IE search via API call for "CEO at Carrd")
• Subscription includes 1,000 search credits a month
• Additional search credits billed at $0.10 each

$97 /month

$797 /year

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about our data or our service? If it's not answered here, shoot us an email or use the contact page to get in touch

  • What's the difference between this and similar databases?

    We spent a year developing an algorithm to discover unpublished company email addresses, and can find valid email addresses that aren't available in other email lookup services. We spend hours upon hours compiling companies to research, running them through our systems, cleaning and culling the data.
    But the biggest difference is the amount of email addresses and employee profiles per company. We simply are able to find way more.
  • Who do I get email addresses for?

    Other database services will just give you a couple email addresses, like the founder and CEO, and maybe whatever is on the website like We provide employee info and a verified email address for everyone that we can find, from HR to sales to C-level.
  • What's the pricing?

    Anyone who signs up now can get in for just $99 a month, forever, and may be chosen to do beta testing in exchange for free access, as we build out the full database. Discounts if you sign up for more than one package, or sign up annually, of course.
  • Do you have a guarantee?

    Yes, if the data isn't helpful or what you expected, just get in touch and we can refund you, no problem.
  • What about data accuracy?

    When we research the companies and employees, everything is verified before the data is packaged up. Company employees' email addresses are run through a validation system to double check them. We refresh company personnel and re-research employees once a month.
  • Where do you get your data?

    We collect company information from various databases and APIs that we pay significant amounts for, and employee information from a combination of private and public data. Employee email addresses are found with our proprietary algorithm, and that's really our secret sauce, and why we can provide so many employee profiles.

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